Bushbury v. LDCC

Here’s the full result of the Bushbury – London Deaf match played on Sunday 17th May in Bushbury. LDCC won the toss and were white on odd numbered boards.

LDCC                                     Bushbury

1. C. Kreuzer (156)     0 – 1     L. Grinsell (181)
2. A.MacLeod (145)  0 – 1     A. Crombleholme (169)
3. R.Dunn (129)          ½ – ½    D. Laight (150)
4. B.David (120)         0 – 1     R. Parry (139)
5. N. Dunlop (116)     ½ – ½    P. Baggott (138)

Final result: Bushbury  4  –  1  London Deaf

LDCC got off to a bad start when Barry fell victim to the Levenfish Attack against his Sicilian Dragon where he was outprepared in the opening by his opponent. Richard gave us some stability in playing solidly and drawing his game. Alasdair was slowly outplayed by his opponent on the queenside so LDCC were up against it, 2½–1½ down.

This left Chris and Neil with the tall order of having to win both of their games. Neil had a good chance when his opponent fell into huge time trouble but just about made if safely to the time control. At the end, Neil had to concede the draw, having the bad bishop in the endgame. Chris, after a promising opening, turned down his opponent’s draw offer and bravely continued with a passed pawn but his bishop entered the game too soon and paid the price when the bishop was short of squares to go to and was a pawn down and lost later on.

This was a disappointing match for LDCC where we were largely outplayed by the stronger Bushbury. Hopefully those going to Hamburg will have benefited from the experience. Aferwards the LDCC team commiserated together in a Chinese restaurant kindly recommended and directed to by the Bushbury captain.

Thanks to all those who played in both the Lightning torunament and the Bushbury match.

That’s it from me until after the Europa Cup in Hamburg in June!

Alasdair MacLeod
LDCC Captain

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