LDCC v. Cavendish 3

London League Division 3
Friday 23rd October 2009

1.  C. Kreuzer (169)      0 – 1      B .Barlow  (174)
2.  A. MacLeod (156)   0 – 1      A. Matthews (166)
3.  I. Dwek (152)          0 – 1      D. White  (163)
4.  R. Dunn (152)          1 – 0       R. Velasco (159)
5.  N. Dunlop (144)     1/2 – 1/2  R. Hull (146)
6.  B. David (136)         1 – 0      DEFAULT
7.  J. Kelberman (133)  1– 0        B. Fraser (116)
8.  R. Willson (123)       0 – 1      M. Green (100)
9.  G. Muccini (85)      1/2 – 1/2   J. Sheehy (99)
10. P. Lennon (UG)      1 – 0       DEFAULT

LDCC won the toss and were white on odds.

Final score: London Deaf  5 – 5  Cavendish 3
I have to firstly say thanks to Des for acting as reserve and managing to get in some practice against Paul – hope it was useful. Paul unfortunately did not get a game as they could not find a 10th player. The same bad luck goes to Barry whose opponent arrived late after the default time of 45 minutes. So LDCC were already 2–0 up which made us relax a bit more.

Gian played a solid opening and made an intelligent draw offer in a quiet and equal middlegame which was accepted by his opponent, graded 14 points higher. Nice one Gian. Another comfortable draw came from Neil on board 5. On board 8, Richard W. couldn’t stop his opponent’s powerful rooks and queen from invading and soon lost afterwards.

Our 2 ‘proper’ wins came from Richard D. on board 4 and James on board 7. Richard won the exchange with black and kept control to win impressively against a 159 graded player while James outplayed his opponent on the queenside to win with white. Well done to both of them!

The final result was almost like the opposite of the last match where it was now the turn of our high boards to be outgraded and the final result reflected this as we lost on the top 3 boards.
On board 1 Chris had a complex game where he looked better in an unbalanced position. This came at a cost of a large consumption of time and in time trouble, he lost the thread of the game and resigned soon after the time control. Ilan on board 3 had an interesting (perhaps ‘instructive’ is a better word) middle game position where while he was a pawn up with queens and rooks on the board, this counted for little as his opponent’s pieces were much better developed and so kept his initiative from then on, provoking more weaknesses in Ilan’s position. His opponent won the exchange and then hunted Ilan’s king around the board where Ilan resigned before being faced with a mate. What about my game? Yes, you guessed right – another rubbish opening from me! I was under pressure as black where I was unable to match my opponent’s lead in development and was outplayed from then on.

Thanks to everyone who played and so contributed to our 5–5 draw which gives us a valuable half match point which could make a big difference at the end of the season.

Alasdair MacLeod
London Deaf Captain

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