LDCC v. East Ham

Full result:

East Ham won the toss and were white on odds.

Latest score: London Deaf  4 – 4  East Ham

Board 1 – adjournment provisionally arranged for 19/11/09 at Golden Lane, 7pm.
Board 3 – adjournment provisionally arranged for 13/11/09 at LDCC, 6.45pm.
I prenotified the East Ham captain and London League Secretary of a default on board 10. This means that we keep our record of zero default points contributing to match points deducted for too many defaults.

On board 9 Gian, held up by traffic problems, beat C.Clock with 5 minutes to spare before 45 minutes’ default time was up. His and Richard’s opponents didn’t turn up so we were 2–1 up.

On board 7, Barry was offered a draw with black which I was happy for him to accept. Next to him on board 8, James scored another nice win with the white pieces, exploiting his opponent’s white square weaknesses and king exposed on the queenside. this combined with a strong knight against bad bishop meant that James won with a decisive attack on the queenside.

On board 5, Mike playing his first game for LDCC this season had a tough game but he fought hard to the end but had to succumb a pawn down. I deliberately placed Mike slightly higher up the board order as he is an ultra solid player. Thanks to Mike for accepting this.

On board 6 Neil was fighting hard a pawn down but calculated well in the endgame seeing that it is a definite draw where his opponent couldn’t do anything with his queen. This endgame brought back memories for me as back in 2001 at the EDCA National Championship in Luton I had exactly the same endgame against Chris! On board 2 I had a difficult game in a theoretical line where I was a pawn up but lacking in development. My opponent played well, winning with accurate moves to the end.

The 2 adjourned games were Chris on board 1 and Phil on board 3. Chris played very well, taking advantage of his opponent’s misplaced rooks and the adjourned position looks promising. Phil had a hard game against a solid player, he is the exchange down but a pawn up and hope to continue building a fortress in which his opponent cannot make further progress.

All in all, a very good result so far against a team who outgraded us on most boards – well done and thanks to everyone who played.

Alasdair MacLeod
London Deaf Captain

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