LDCC v. Metropolitan 2

We got off to a bad start before a pawn was pushed forward when we had to default on board 10 as we simply didn’t have enough players available to play. Looking at the team line–ups, it looked tough for the bottom boards facing players with grades ranging from 141 to 150. So we were looking more to our top boards to bring home the bacon to reach a competitive result.

However, as the match went on, it was clear that our bottom boards were no match for their opponents when Richard D., Raimundas, David  and Gian all lost on boards 5, 7, 8 and 9. So we were already close to losing the match 5–0 down where they only needed one draw out of the top 4 boards. This was achieved easily when Robert could do no more than draw his game on board 6.

Neil, with black on board 3, was unable to prevent his opponent’s queen from invading his king’s personal space and walked into a mate aided by white’s kingside pawns. So we were 6.5–0.5 down but we scored some consolation goals….firstly, Barry, white on board 4, played really well to trap his opponent’s queen after taking his rook on a1 where it was unable to go anywhere quickly. Barry then just pushed his kingside pawns forward near the king and then his queen decisively broke through to win impressively against a 160 graded player.
This was closely followed by my game on board 2 where I pounced on my opponent’s inaccuracy in the opening and got a better position out of the opening. Soon afterwards I saw nothing better than to sacrifice my bishop for 2 pawns and an attack. My opponent defended well until I threw another pawn away to bring more of my pieces into play which worked when he blundered away the exchange and could not stop a forced mate with my queen and rook.
The last game to finish was Chris on board 1 which reached adjournment after 36 moves. Chris controlled his time efficiently (no bus problems this time!) and his opponent always had less time than him. Chris played a new defence to 1.d4 and was a pawn up in the middle game and this led to a winning rook and pawn endgame until the adjourned position where the simplest forced lines was always winning for Chris so his opponent resigned by email.
So the final result was LDCC 3.5 – 6.5 Metropolitan 2 , a disappointing result but we need to bounce back quickly to get out of the bottom 3 position again.
Thanks to everyone who played and well done to Chris and Barry for their wins.
Alasdair MacLeod, LDCC Captain

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