London League Athenaeum v LDCC

Here is the latest result for the London Chess League match 240 (Division 4)
played between Athenaeum 3 and London Deaf Chess Club (LDCC) played at Athenaeum on Wednesday 18th April 2007. LDCC won the toss and were White on the odd–numbered boards.

Athenaeum 3 – LDCC

1. Colin Russ 1–0 Chris Kreuzer
2. Mike Rose A–A Alasdair Macleod *
3. Martin Leanse 0.5–0.5 Phillip Gardner
4. Robin England 0–1 Richard Dunn
5. David Hicks 0.5–0.5 James Kelberman
6. Paul Moss 0–1 Richard Willson
7. Matt Brooks 1–0 Oliver Westbury
8. Martin Lake 1–0 Gian Muccini

Latest result: 4–3 to Athenaeum 3 (1 game adjourned)

Adjournment date:

Board 2 – Wednesday 2nd May, 7pm, Golden Lane.

Match report

OK, I lied. Exciting things were not happening “across town” in this match.
In fact, the match was an unmitigated disaster! Playing the bottom team in the league, we managed to ensure that we cannot win, and all hopes of a high finish in the table have gone up in smoke.

Anyway, the evening started well, as everyone turned up on time (or only a few minutes late), and we won the toss. Richard Dunn seemed dejected at the prospect of playing Black, and I was happy to be playing White, as I had being playing White when I won my previous two chess games (in another chess league). Turns out Richard had nothing to worry about, and I would be the one struggling for form.

The first game to finish was Richard Willson’s on board, a fine win as he smashed through on the kingside and won his opponent’s queen. Things looked even better when Oliver went a piece up, but then, in the twinkling of an eye, he gave the piece back and then succumbed to an attack that finished with a back–rank mate. LDCC then went one up again, as Richard Dunn won his opponent’s knight, pinned in the middle of the board to a rook in the corner, but the scores were soon level again as Gian’s opponent broke
through on the queenside, won a piece, and mated Gian soon afterwards.

The positions were unclear in my game and Alasdair’s game, and Phillip had won a piece but had an extremely exposed king and was about to be forced into a draw by perpetual check and repetition. James’s game might have been slightly better for him (he had a passed pawn, though this was balanced by his rook being out on a limb on the kingside), but looking at the positions on the other boards I decided that having Phil and James agree draws would be best, and then we could hope for a win from me or (more likely) Alasdair, who was a pawn up.

I then blundered a whole rook in time trouble. Oops. :–(

This left the score at 4–3 to Athenaeum 3. Alasdair then though for over half an hour, before sealing a move early in a tricky position a pawn up. He might actually be winning, but he will only have 35 minutes for his next 30 moves.

There are several lessons that can be learnt here, mainly that having all three of our “midfield” (Ilan, Barry and Mike) absent really puts pressure on the top four boards to perform, with the dismal results we saw tonight (2/4). Also, at the beginning of the season my responsibilities as captain didn’t seem to affect me as I started with 4/4. But at the end of the season, an atrocious finish of 0/3 could be partly due to spending too much time worrying about the team and the results.

Anyway, congratulations to both Richards on fine wins tonight, and to Mike for trying heroically to win his adjourned game (though it ended up a draw – see other match report). Only two loose ends remain to be tidied up: (1) James’s adjourned game against Cavendish 3 (this Friday); and (2) Alasdair’s adjourned game from tonight (2nd May). Once those games are finished, I’ll send out final match sheets for those matches, compile some statistics, and write a report for the whole season.

In case anyone is wondering, we definitely can’t be promoted now, but we can hope to finish in 5th place with 7.5 points (though 7 might still just be enough) – which is exactly the points and position we attained in the 2004/5 season. Thanks to everyone for playing for the team. I hope this season has been an enjoyable and exciting one for everyone, let’s aim to do better next year.

Christopher Kreuzer (Captain)

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